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Av Lars Vilks - 22 september 2009 21:05


SUNIL GAWDE born in Mumbai, India in 1960, studied at J.J School of Art 1980. Since then he has exhibited widely in India. Now he makes his European debut and follows a years residency at the renowned Glasgow School of Art as part of the Charles Wallace Trust Award. Gawde plays with texture which creates a surface which invites the eye.

He first received acclaim in the early 1990s as an abstractionist who combined the powerful sweep of gesture with a minute calibration of effects. As he developed his approach, negotiating between the sensuality of his material and the elusiveness of what lay just out of reach of form, he came to be recognised as a strong claimant to the mantle of the established Indian abstractionist styles.

Gawde’s work has been exhibited at Sh Contemporary (Shanghai, 2007), Pulse Miami (Miami, 2008), and in Venice Biennial 2009.

Work in the biennial: Metallic Butterfly

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