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Av Lars Vilks - 14 augusti 2009 20:39

Lygia Pape (1927 - 2004) was an influential Brazilian artist, active in both the Concrete and Neo-Concretist movements in Brazil. Like many Brazilian artists, she studied studio art informally, but she did receive a master's degree in the philosophy of art from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro in 1980.

Along with Helio Oiticica and Lygia Clark, she sought to expand the territory of contemporary art to include aspects of interaction, though, like the Concretists, she remained opposed to any kind of representation in art. In 2009 she was rewarded with the honorary mention in Venice Biennial. 

Work in the Ladonia Biennial: Ttéia N1 and Ttéia N2, 2002 (In collaboration with Austrian architect Hannes Schwed)

Pictures HERE 

Av Lars Vilks - 13 augusti 2009 13:02

Haegue Yang was born in 1971 in Seoul, Korea. She currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany and Seoul, Korea. Acclaimed for her minimal yet exquisite installations, Haegue continuously explores the conceptual relationships of and between systems, structures, dependence and co-dependence.


Haegue Yang's art resists a defining medium, engaging instead with a range of means, from wall drawing to books, sculpture, installation, moving image, and photography. The oblique self-analysis that Yang uses as both strategy and substance in her "placeless" art is symptomatic of someone who has lived for many years outside of her native country and whose life and work entail the high-mobility and in-transit condition common to many contemporary artists operating internationally. This acute sense of provisional belonging--being at home in what is foreign and feeling foreign in what is home--lends Yang's work a hair-trigger sensitivity for the inflections of quotidian experience as well as public and private territories. She has described her practice in terms of a poetic activism. In 2009 she is participating in the International Venice Biennial exhibition as well as representing South Korea in the Korean pavilion.

Work in the Ladonia Biennial: Vulnerable Dance Arrangements

Av Lars Vilks - 11 augusti 2009 13:16

Jumana Emil Abboud (b.1971) Palestinian.
Lives and work in Jerusalem. Uses different media, including drawing,
video, performance and text to depict both memory, loss and resilience.
The artist was born in Shefa-Amer (Palestine, 1971) before moving to
Canada in 1979 where she studied art at the Ontario College of Art
(Toronto). Back to her homeland, she studied at the Bezalel Academy of
Art and Design (Jerusalem), where she attained her BFA. She has given
several workshops and seminars, some of them focusing on Palestinian-
Israel dialogue.

 ”Working in the mediums of drawing, installation, video and performance, my creative motivations and interests relate to the dualities of our being, especially regarding one's relationship with personal and/or collective memory. Much of my creative language relates to an act of veiling and uncovering; I have an obsession - a delicate one I hope - with analysis of past juxtaposed with current cycles, and my creative expressions are metaphoric, whether collective or personal; reasoning with the paradox, the transparent, and traces of another.” 

Work in Ladonia Biennial: Smuggling Lemons from Sweden to Ladonia (The Diver 2)

Av Lars Vilks - 9 augusti 2009 19:37

Rachel Harrison’s (born 1966, New York) sculptures populate a space of interpretation that at one moment encourages critical discourse and at another draws on its own enigmatic, intuitive logic. With a deluge of cultural debris including canned goods, celebrity magazines, fake fruit, wigs, mannequins, soft drinks, and taxidermied animals placed on forms of often monolithic scale, Harrison conflates the art historically scripted media of painting, installation, sculpture, and photography. She recombines abstraction with the figurative, the biomorphic with the architectural, and the readymade with the handmade. The sculptures are often painted in a variety of ways ranging from monochromes to multicolored palettes that veer from Rococo painting to amusement park decor. Such surface detail at once informs and undermines their simultaneously flamboyant and totemic presence.

She is represented in the Ladonia Biennial with a video collage of some of her major themes. You can here meet Fats Domino, HMS Beagle, people in Perth Amboy where the virgin has been seen, Marlon Brando acting and singing with Marilyn Monroe, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Fassbinder, Alexander the Great, Simon Le Bon, John Cage, David Foster Wallace (1962-2008) Consider the Lobster...

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