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Av Lars Vilks - 18 augusti 2009 17:31

William Forsythe (born 1949 in New York City) is an American dancer and choreographer resident in Frankfurt am Main. He is known internationally for his work with the Ballett Frankfurt (1984-2004) and The Forsythe Company (2005 - present). His early dance works are acknowledged for reorienting the practice of ballet from its identification with classical repertoire to a dynamic 21st-century art form, while his more recent works have further extended his research on the performative potentials of dance and his investigation of choreography as a fundamental principle of organization.

 In 1994, Forsythe authored a pioneering and award-winning computer application Improvisation Technologies: A Tool for the Analytical Dance Eye which is used by professional companies, dance conservatories, universities, postgraduate architecture programs and secondary schools. 2009 marks the launch of Synchronous Objects for One Flat Thing,reproduced, an interactive web project developed in collaboration with The Ohio State University which offers extensive interdisciplinary insight into the complex structures of choreographic thinking.

In the biennial the artist has three works:

1. One Flat Thing Reproduced (2000)

2. The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude (1996) (Music by Franz Schubert, Symphony no. 9)

3. Bag Ladies (especially made for the biennial) – with the artist’s voice singing instructions to the dancers.

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