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Av Lars Vilks - 11 augusti 2009 13:16

Jumana Emil Abboud (b.1971) Palestinian.
Lives and work in Jerusalem. Uses different media, including drawing,
video, performance and text to depict both memory, loss and resilience.
The artist was born in Shefa-Amer (Palestine, 1971) before moving to
Canada in 1979 where she studied art at the Ontario College of Art
(Toronto). Back to her homeland, she studied at the Bezalel Academy of
Art and Design (Jerusalem), where she attained her BFA. She has given
several workshops and seminars, some of them focusing on Palestinian-
Israel dialogue.

 ”Working in the mediums of drawing, installation, video and performance, my creative motivations and interests relate to the dualities of our being, especially regarding one's relationship with personal and/or collective memory. Much of my creative language relates to an act of veiling and uncovering; I have an obsession - a delicate one I hope - with analysis of past juxtaposed with current cycles, and my creative expressions are metaphoric, whether collective or personal; reasoning with the paradox, the transparent, and traces of another.” 

Work in Ladonia Biennial: Smuggling Lemons from Sweden to Ladonia (The Diver 2)

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