Alla inlägg den 9 augusti 2009

Av Lars Vilks - 9 augusti 2009 19:37

Rachel Harrison’s (born 1966, New York) sculptures populate a space of interpretation that at one moment encourages critical discourse and at another draws on its own enigmatic, intuitive logic. With a deluge of cultural debris including canned goods, celebrity magazines, fake fruit, wigs, mannequins, soft drinks, and taxidermied animals placed on forms of often monolithic scale, Harrison conflates the art historically scripted media of painting, installation, sculpture, and photography. She recombines abstraction with the figurative, the biomorphic with the architectural, and the readymade with the handmade. The sculptures are often painted in a variety of ways ranging from monochromes to multicolored palettes that veer from Rococo painting to amusement park decor. Such surface detail at once informs and undermines their simultaneously flamboyant and totemic presence.

She is represented in the Ladonia Biennial with a video collage of some of her major themes. You can here meet Fats Domino, HMS Beagle, people in Perth Amboy where the virgin has been seen, Marlon Brando acting and singing with Marilyn Monroe, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Fassbinder, Alexander the Great, Simon Le Bon, John Cage, David Foster Wallace (1962-2008) Consider the Lobster...

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