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Av Lars Vilks - 12 juli 2009 17:50

Simone Berti, born in Adria (Rovigo, Italy) in 1966. Lives and works in Milan and Berlin.

Berti is a versatile, gifted, surreal and ironic artist. He experiments with various expressive techniques, from the most traditional, such as painting and drawing, to the most contemporary, such as video and performance art. His early studies were in the technical-scientific field, but he later shifted to art. This disciplinary overlay is reflected in his works, which often focus on themes related to physics: the balance of bodies, stasis, dynamics, reactions between chaos and order.


Already in his early works, namely video installations, Simone Berti called attention to the problem of the precariousness of the present moment. Berti once wrote that only in a given situation when everything becomes doubtful, could some level of certainty be achieved. He often imagines objects and situations which seem as if they were destined for failure from one moment to another, merely due to momentary nausea.


Simone Berti’s works for the biennial:

Die Bauchen II  (performance), 2008

The first version of this performance took place in Milan at Rotonda di Via Besana. The three pregnant women make the world around them slow down. The second version has a faster tempo and music by Luciano Berio.


Black Volcano (postproduction music Luciano Berio)


Bridge of Bricks (idea from 1999) Picture HERE.


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