Alla inlägg den 5 juli 2009

Av Lars Vilks - 5 juli 2009 19:40

Héctor Zamora, b. 1974 Mexico City, Mexico. He lives in São Paulo, Brazil.

Héctor Zamora’s work is alive. It is animated by its surroundings, often by the actual air in which it exists. The use of air, or wind, as a material creates a direct interaction between the work and its site; a wind-powered piece is ultimately site-specific. Further, it forms a specific relationship between the viewer and the piece. He creates social interventions that manifest themselves as architecture or sculpture, as a collective action or an installation in public space. His projects are based on meticulous research into the history of a place and its inhabitants’ history, myths and desire.

In the Ladonia Biennial Héctor Zamora has been using the Ladonia embassy system and arranged it into an event: Flying Embassy Day.

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