Alla inlägg den 1 juli 2009

Av Lars Vilks - 1 juli 2009 17:19

Gilbert and George work together as a duo, Gilbert Proesch (born 17 September 1943) and George Passmore (born 8 January 1942). They have been collaborating since they met in 1967 at the St. Martin's School in London.  As students they adopted the form of  ”living sculptures” by walking through the streets and parks of London covered from head to toe in metallic make-up.  Later, they moved their performances to indoor exhibition spaces and began touring internationally.

From the outset, Gilbert & George wanted to collapse the distance between art and the artist.  Since "Living Sculptures", they have worked in a variety of media including books, film, and photo pieces which they also consider "sculpture" and, in doing so, have transcended the modernist tenets of performance and process art as well as conceptualism. Gilbert and George have exhibited widely throughout the world.

 In the biennial Gilbert and George perform Bend It (Stone Dancing in Ladonia)

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