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Av Lars Vilks - 27 juni 2009 11:59

Ceal Floyer (b. 1965, UK) studied 1991-94 BA at Goldsmiths College, London, she lives and works in Berlin.

Floyer's work is a playful form of minimalism. Rather than presenting materials to reveal their pared down, formal or essentially aesthetic qualities, her project is more literal - what you see is what you get. Or may be not...

The use of pun, double entendre and at times blatant trickery, is an essential ingredient to Floyer's work.

For the Ladonia Biennial Ceal Floyer has used two of her earlier works: Projection (Nail) from 1997 was shown in the Venice Biennial in 2003. In Ladonia Biennial the projection of a nail is to be seen on the surface of the mountain behind Nimis. For the construction of Nimis around 175 000 nails have been used. A humorous and site specific comment by the artist. Pictures HERE

In 2001 she performed Nail Biting Performance in the Symphony Hall in Birmingham, England. She walked onto the stage at Birmingham Symphony Hall immediately prior to the beginning of a concert and bit off her fingernails into the microphone. This performance was hosted by the Ikon Gallery Birmingham (England) and an Ikon Gallery text reports: "Her 'nail biting performance' took stage-fright as its subject, the artist, bit her fingernails into a microphone for five minutes. The sight of her alone amongst the musicians' empty chairs, accompanied by the amplified sound of nervousness was affecting and tense."

In the Ladonia Biennial Ceal Floyer is doing the acoustic version of the Nail Biting Performance. Picture HERE.

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