Alla inlägg den 24 juni 2009

Av Lars Vilks - 24 juni 2009 17:20

Mike Bouchet (b. 1970, US, lives and works in Frankfurt) he often works towards effects of dislocation and displacement. The work in recent years seems to present a compulsion to alter one's place in the world by reproducing and re-contextualizing "desirable" things in and of the world. His projects and exploits are one-to-one models—real transactions with their own autonomy and agency. You cannot alter your place in the world without first altering your image of the world. Bouchet's endeavor goes beyond representation or a kind of DIY ("do-it-yourself") prudence, into what can best be described as a real-life parody. This artist uses everything at his disposal to grow, package, and pitch his own products. In systems such as these, even real transactions are not completely convincing, the reification of one's product through extensive image production is needed to make it completely viable.  

In the Venice Biennial 2009 he presented a full-size two-story American House emerging from the water. In the Ladonia Biennial he has made an even more impressive project, for a short time moving the German Reichstag from Berlin till Ladonia: Floating Reichstag 2009. Picture here.

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