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Av Lars Vilks - 27 maj 2009 10:16

Pavel Pepperstein (born in 1966 in Moscow) is one of the most important artists of the new, young generation of concept artists following in the wake of Ilya Kabakov. On completion of his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague he, along with Yuri Leiderman and Sergei Anufriev, founded the group of artists, Inspection Medical Hermeneutics, who, in a situation of new candour and public opinion following the collapse of the Soviet state, intentionally cut themselves off from the outside world in order to preserve a sub-cultural form of art and to distance themselves critically from a new era they regarded as lacking viable alternatives. Pepperstein versatile artistic creation comprises experimental concept art, installations, graphics, paintings, and objects, as well as aesthetic and literary texts. Together with Sergei Anufriev he wrote the novel Die mythogene Liebe der Kasten [The Mythogenic Love of Castes] (Moscow 1999) 

In the biennial Pepperstein is represented with a 3D drawing installed in a Ladonia winter landscape: Lenin skiing in Ladonia, 2009

Picture in New Herald.
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