Alla inlägg den 26 maj 2009

Av Lars Vilks - 26 maj 2009 18:28

The video artist Grazia Toderi (Padua, 1963) lives and works in Milan, using real images that have been subjected on the computer to very discreet manipulation. Distant galaxies, theatres, stadiums… her subject matter is varied but the dream-like atmosphere, accentuated by a soft but very evident soundtrack, gives the visitor the surprising feeling of being suspended in time and space. It has been said of several of her works that they represent "circular situations". In fact the films only last a few minutes or seconds, and are projected in a cyclical, timeless manner. They are often based on some everyday situation or television image, which the artist transfigures and transforms into magic, capable of affecting each viewer’s private realm of dreams that is so profound, personal and universal.

In her video work Rosso Babele we can see an image of a tower which rises and falls continually, growing and decaying in a never-ending cycle. This is a modern Tower of Babel, which is intertwined with a multitude of indistinct cities, where increasingly the profound meaning of language fluctuates between growth, multiplication and destruction, between an excess of information and an impoverished message. 

Best of Rosso Babele, 2009 (2006)

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