Alla inlägg den 12 maj 2009

Av Lars Vilks - 12 maj 2009 21:45

Wolfgang Tillmans (b. 1968) has become one of the most prominent and influential photographers to emerge during the 1990's. He profiles the lifestyles of his immediate circle of friends, working collaboratively with his subjects so that they lose their inhibitions in front of the camera. Tillmans produces raw, confessional images yet stays within the traditional genres of portraiture, landscape and still-life. His ability to produce powerful and sometimes shocking images has brought him success in art galleries and mainstream media alike. An aspect of his artistic practice is to assume a curatorial role—he creates configurations with his photographs that draw formal, symbolic and ephemeral connections. His installations encourage active audience engagement and ask viewers to consider their own experiences within Tillmans’s visual world. He won the Turner Prize in 2000.


In the biennial a special exhibition of Wolfgang Tillman’s work is on show in the New Museum.


Pictures from top to bottom:

Wolfgang Tillmans visiting Ladonia

Poster for the exibition

Generation 2009

Art Gallery 2009

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