Alla inlägg den 11 maj 2009

Av Lars Vilks - 11 maj 2009 20:37

Aleksandra Mir was born in Poland 1967. She is also a Swedish citizen growing up in Partille, Gothenburg. She lives and works in New York.

Mir's work is not traditional; she often works outdoors on novel media. For example, she once transformed a Dutch beach into a lunar surface and declared herself the First woman on the moon (1999). She has also published biographies of ordinary people and staged a nine-to-five cinema, showing disaster films for the unemployed.

Her works often take the form of social processes that are open for anyone who wishes giving the work meaning. The work of art is an exercise that operates in everyday life; a humanistic and playful organism with a large social appetite. The work's course of events is often started by Mir as a situation-bound joint between specific events, and the work's location.

For the Ladonia Biennial Mir has created an amazing project: Ladonia Pavilion. Ladonia will participate in the Venice Biennial and the artist will bring the Ladonia pavilion to Venice. The Ladonia pavilion is in 90 parts; each of them the size of a plastic disposable cup. Each part will be an exhibition area for the 90 artists in the Ladonia Biennial as well as for the 90 artists in the Venice Biennial. More information and pictures of her project in New Herald.

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