Alla inlägg den 2 maj 2009

Av Lars Vilks - 2 maj 2009 12:39

Anya Zholud (b. 1981, Russia)
Anya Zholud is a very young artist that rapidly emerged on the Moscow art scene in 2008. Her interest in simple objects ("everything around us is so complicated that I want to make everything easier and clearer"), her intent gaze at them, and her attempt to uncover their essence ("anyone can draw, yet I want to make things look convincing and important and to turn them into art") along with her classical arts education and assured brush quickly attracted the attention of the international artworld. Zholuds sculptures are a kind of three dimensional drawings and a common subject is furniture.

Schematic Space of Elementary Happiness – Sofa, 2007, Installed on the shore opposite the entrance to Ladonia New Museum

Gynaecological Office – Table and Chair, 2008, Installed on Highway no. 1

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